Birch Veneer

Birch veneer is very good material for production of plywood, glued curved parts, furniture parts and decoration.

We supply birch rotary cut veneer or peeled veneer with the following variants of thickness:
0,3 mm (this is new); 0,5 mm; 1 mm;  1,2 mm;  1,5 mm; 2 mm.
Special thickness veneer could be produced under orders with significant volumes.

Variants of veneer size are:

  • 2600*1300 mm long grain
  • 1300*2600 mm short grain
  • 1600*1600 mm
  • 1300*1300 mm
  • 1600 long * Random width (from 300 up to 1500 mm wide)

CTS (Cut To Size) is available.

Grading rules in correspondence with GOST 99-96.

Moisture content from 6 to 9%.

Birch veneer grade A size 1300 by 2600 – Copy
Birch veneer grade A size 2600 by 1300 p3
Birch veneer Grade A size 1600 by 1600
Birch veneer grade A size 2600 by 1300
Birch veneer grade A size 1600 by 1600 p2 4
Birch veneer grade B size 2600 by 1300
Birch veneer grade C size 2600 by 1300 p2
Birch veneer grade C size 2600 by 1300
Thin birch veneer before drying
Thin birch veneer grade A

Thickness 0,3 mm. Grade A.

Birch veneer stacked size 2600 by 1300

Veneer simplified grading rules:

Typical usage of grades combinations:

Grades Description
A Knots free. Without discoloration
B Size of the knots not bigger than 15 mm. Light discoloration is acceptable.
C Size of the knots is unlimited. Discoloration is allowed.
Grade A: Ideal material for lamination on plywood or Partical Board or MDF to get perfect appearance of the panels.

Mixture of grades ABC: Excellent combination for production any kind of fully birch plywood including high grades of plywood. Supply of this mixture of grades is also often called Mill Run as it goes out of peeling and drying process.

Mixture of grades BC: Economical combination for production of several grades of plywood and for production of plywood curved parts.

Grade C: Good veneer for core plies of plywood and plywood curved parts.