Edge Glued Panels

Edge Glued Panels are made of solid wood lamellas glued together with PVA glue.

StrongWood offers EGP made of 2 types of wood:

1. Hardwood. We supply birch hardwood edge glued panels

2. Softwood. We supply pine and spruce edge glued panels

Maximum sizes: 4500 * 1200 mm

Thickness: from 15 up to 40 mm

Finger Jointing could be used to reach higher grades for lower cost. Finger Jointing could be made with 2 types: open and closed.

Quality grades combinations are:

A/B. A/C, B/B, B/C, C/C

Grading rules are different for different species:

See grading rules for birch

See grading rules for pine and spruce
Grading rules are not dictated by StrongWood.
Most of the orders are made under customer’s specifications fully corresponding to what customers need.

Birch EGP C grade

Birch EGP grade C

EGP spruce B 1280 x 960

Spruce EGP grade B

Pine EGP grade B

Pine EGP grade A