Interior birch plywood

Brief features of our Interior birch plywood are the following:

  1. Strength. Because of original hardwood material strength of Russian birch is very high.
  2. Beautiful appearance. Baltic birch is very nice. It is almost white and it sometimes even sparkles especially under certain lacquering.
  3. Holding strength is very good. Different kind of components made of Russian birch plywood last very long time in furniture and other applications.
  4. Fully birch construction (all layers are made of birch veneer).
  5. Good water resistance. It is glued with MR (Moisture Resistant carbamide glue).
  6. Great durability.
  7. Economical price. Price per square meter, per cubic meter, per Thousand Square Feet for this plywood is significantly lower than price for Exterior glue plywood because of several cost factors.
  8. Environmentally friendly. We supply this plywood with CARB phase 2 certificate.
We supply Interior plywood with the size 1525*1525 mm.
This size of plywood was traditional size in Russian plywood industry in soviet time.
Almost all Russian plywood mills produced this size with interior glue that time.
Production processes have been very much improved during last 25 years.
State of the art machinery is used for production of this size of plywood.
Lots of our customers measure sizes in inches and feet.
It is more convenient for them to call this size 5′ by 5′ (feet) or 60″ by 60″ (inches).
From time to time we also supply Interior birch plywood with the size 1220*2440 mm, used for production of dies in packaging and printing industry. You may read more detailed information about it on our page  Special Plywood.


Available standard thickness for Interior glue birch plywood is below:

  • 3 mm,
  • 4 mm,
  • 5 mm,
  • 6 mm,
  • 9 mm,
  • 12 mm,
  • 15 mm,
  • 18 mm,
  • 21 mm,
  • 24 mm

We can also supply special thickness such as 11,2 mm, 11,7 mm, 15,9 mm under special orders.


We supply the following grades of Interior glue birch plywood:

  • B/BB
  • BB/BB
  • BB/CP
  • BB/C
  • CP/CP
  • CP/C
  • C/C

Grades B/BB – CP/C are sanded from two sides.
Grade C/C is unsanded.

Cabinet grade equal to B/BB and BB/BB is also available.

Areas of usage:

1. Furniture
2. Die board production
3. Platform for veneer lamination
4. Interior design
5. Engineered flooring underlayment
6. Upholstery furniture production
7. Puzzles and other toys for kids
8. Packaging