Planed elements very often called as lamellas are mainly used in furniture as furniture components.
Another name of this product is S4S board meaning Sufaced from Four Sides. This product is also used in door production and n pictures frames and other industries.

We supply planed elements (or furniture components) made of birch, pine, spruce and larch.

Birch elements could be defects free or sometimes with small defects or discoloration on one or two sides depending on customer requirements.

Pine and spruce elements are showing natural color and some quantity of knots as usual.

Most common sizes are 19*50, 19*45, 26*51, 45*45 mm.

Larch decking is perfect product for extreme weather conditions providing unbelievable durability and strength.

State of the art molding machines are used for planing all the elements.

Precise tolerance +/-0,5 mm is guaranteed.

Perfect quality of the surface is a norm of production.

Birch elements

Birch elements

Larch flooring

Larch flooring

Larch decking 3

Larch decking

Pine wall paneling

Pine wall panelling

Pine Flooring

Pine flooring