Particle Board

Particle board is most popular material for production of furniture these days. It is engineered wood product made by breaking down wood into chips (particles) and then gluing them together in huge press. Our particle board is made mainly of birch and aspen chips with very strong technical features. Excellent machinery provides very precise mixing of the board. Pressing with very high pressure provides particle board with the following density:

  • Regular particle board  650 kg/cbm
  • Water resistant particle board up to 700 kg/cbm

As the result of excellent technology process our particle board is very strong and durable.


  1. Uniformed material
  2. Stable geometry
  3. Excellent appearance when laminated
  4. Absence of natural defects of wood
  5. Cost effective (most economical material for furniture production)
Particle board


Two variants of supply:

  1. Raw particle board
  2. Laminated particle board

Both variants of the board are made in correspondence with GOST 10632-2007 with guarantee that technical features are not less than in the Standard.

Formaldehyde emission:  E1

Available sizes:

  • 2440*1830 mm
  • 2440*1220 mm

Standard thickness: 8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 22, 25, 38 mm

Areas of usage of particle board:

  1. Furniture manufacturing
  2. Flooring (subflooring)
  3. Roofing
  4. Sound absorbing

Some deсors of laminated particle board:

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