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At StrongWood, we supply plywood and other wood products, focusing on quality and  reliability. Our commitment to sourcing only from trusted and tested sources ensures a foundation of lasting cooperation.


Our carefully selected birch logs provide sturdy materials for crafting fine furniture and executing precise woodworking tasks. Ideal for furniture making, carpentry, and various woodworking applications.


Premium birch veneer sheets for exquisite finishing and aesthetic appeal. Crafted for versatility and visual appeal, it’s an excellent choice for premium finishes. Wide range of thicknesses and sizes provides for a wide range of applications.


Our top-grade birch plywood offers exceptional strength and resilience for various construction, manufacturing and architectural applications. Its durability ensures reliability in your projects.

Film faced plywood

Designed for concrete construction, scaffolding, and projects requiring additional protection from elements and chemicals. Elevate your work with unmatched durability and versatility!


Our precisely processed lumber saves time and effort, ready to be utilized in construction or crafting. Get consistent and high-quality cuts for your woodworking needs.

Larch boards

Our Larch Decking: Custom-cleared, waterproof, and meticulously crafted, our profiled terrace boards bring durability and natural beauty to your decking and decoration projects.

We are StrongWood

StrongWood, a longstanding private company, boasts a rich heritage in woodworking. Our foundation lies in the unwavering commitment to delivering consistent, high-quality goods, cementing our success. With a team dedicated to reliability and quality service, we’ve proudly served our clientele for over 15 years. Our expertise extends beyond local boundaries, encompassing international sales and operations.

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