Explore Our Seamless Delivery Process and Minimum Order Quantities

At our company, our delivery terms are designed for your convenience and efficiency. Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) typically starts at one truck or one sea container, which will be clearly outlined in the specific offer you receive. This ensures the best price while maintaining optimal shipping standards.

We offer various delivery terms such as CNF, CIF, DAP, DDU or DDP based on the delivery region. This includes comprehensive services, such as packaging, loading, transportation, and container offloading at the final destination. However, please note that services of offloading and storage of goods are not provided.

Upon delivery, the freedom to handle the goods as per your operational efficiency rests with you. Our collaboration with reputable shipping and trucking companies guarantees a safe delivery at competitive rates. Our products are carefully secured in crates to maintain their integrity throughout the loading, transportation, and offloading processes. Each crate is clearly labeled for easy identification and handling.

Ensuring the safety and condition of your goods is paramount to us. Therefore, all containers and trucks are securely sealed for both customs clearance and safety purposes. We typically deliver to the sea port of your choice, while, in some cases, delivery to your depot is also a feasible option.