We supply high quality logs harvested from reliable and safe resources.


Birch, pine and spruce are available.


Selection of logs is very strict in correspondence with EU standards and grading rules. Only grade AB and ABC mix are shipped after careful grading.


Pricing and shipments of logs are made in diameters of 18cm and above. Diameter is measured under the bark at narrow end of a log.


The bark protects logs from rotting. Additional antiseptic chemical treatment is applied to the end of the logs to protect the logs from rotting during transportation.


Main length of 3m+/-10cm is used to utilize the space of 40HC or 40DV containers. Volume of shipments is 28,5 cubic meters of logs in a container. Available capacity depending on seasoning factors is around 10 000 cubic meters of logs per month.

Main applications for birch logs

  1. Plywood logs for production of veneer
  2. Plywood logs for production of plywood.
  3. Saw logs for lumber production.
  4. Saw logs for production of solid wood furniture.

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